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Jan van Groenendaal works for the St. Elizabeth Hospital in Tilburg.

Personally what I found best about the Tork SmartFresh™ service is that you can moitor the washrooms remotely.

Visitors are very enthusiastic
I usually receive positive feedback from the public about the visual appearance of the Tork SmartFresh
toilets. We refurbished the entire washroom, and visitors are very enthusiastic about the new space.
They think it looks neat and smells fresh.
A modern look that suits the hospital
After all the refurbishments and the installation of the Tork SmartFresh toilets, we have very modern
facilities. I am proud of my work and how the hospital now looks.
Easier and more hygienic
Washroom maintenance is much easier thanks to Tork SmartFresh. It is also more hygienic, since
people no longer have to press a button to flush – so it suits the St Elizabeth Hospital perfectly.
Hygiene is a hot item here! And, personally what I find best about the Tork SmartFresh service is that
you can monitor the washrooms remotely.

Washroom maintenance is much easier thanks to Tork SmartFresh™.

Jan van Groenendaal

St. Elizabeth Hospital, Tilburg