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Mario de Bont is the Facility Manager at the Holland Casino in Tilburg

We wanted to offer additional comfort to special high value customers. Few toilets genuinely smell fresh but it makes a big difference with Tork SmartFresh™.

Special restrooms for important customers
We wanted to offer additional comfort to special high value customers. One way was to give their
restrooms a different look and feel. So we decided on Tork SmartFresh.
Customers are very positive
Everyone thinks the space is fantastic! Customers like being able to read the text on the digital screen
through the mirror in the door while sitting on the toilet. These screens – and the whole visual appeal -
really add value to this area.
Tork SmartFresh is a good fit
The restrooms with Tork SmartFresh look appealing and polished. The look and feel of Tork
SmartFresh toilets is a good fit for Holland Casino Breda. We will probably install more units in the
Fresher and cleaner
Few toilets genuinely smell fresh – but this is a big difference with Tork SmartFresh. And if a toilet
smells fresh, it also gives the impression of being much cleaner. I used to have to ask our cleaners
to give the washrooms an extra scrubbing outside normal cleaning times – but this happens less
now. And I’ve noticed that visitors are less inclined to throw things on the floor or leave the area dirty
because the toilet smells fresher and looks neater.

We purchased Tork SmartFresh™ because we wanted to offer additional comfort to special high value customers.

Mario de Bont

Facility Manager Holland Casino, Tilburg


Компания Essity является одним из мировых лидеров в области товаров для гигиены и здоровья, которая разрабатывает, производит и продает средства личной гигиены (продукция детской гигиены, женской гигиены, товары для ухода при недержании и медицинские решения), а также потребительскую бумажную продукцию и бумажную продукцию и услуги для  профессиональной гигиены. В России компания представлена продукцией торговых марок Tork, Zewa, Libero, Libresse и TENA. С более подробной информацией можно ознакомиться на сайте: www.essity.ru

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